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Interesting quiz Jack found:


It shows you pictures of a bunch of political figures (and some random celebrities) to see if you know who they are and what their jobs are. I scored a 96%, but a few of those were guesses, and a few were process-of-elimination correct answers, when I knew the other three people in the multiple-choice list and knew they weren't the picture I was looking at! Anyway, good luck, and post your results (if you feel like sharing).

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Neat! I got an A (93.14%). I missed Jim Brickman, Hideki Matsui, and Ehud Olmert but got all their positions correct except for Olmert (he looks like someone's dad hanging out in a living room, LOL!).

Could I just say that it is HILARIOUS that (a) 98.37% of people identify Bush (WTF??), and (b) that Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Paris Hilton, etc are on there. ROTFL!
hahaha - that was fun! I got a 94.86 and I loved how it said "you should definitely vote" at the end. LOL. Don was mocking me the whole time I was taking it - because that little dork scored a hundred. =P Thanks for the laughs!
Yes, well, we can't all check news websites obsessively throughout the day like Don does... he's over-exposed to the news, I think. =) We can mock him for that.
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