I wish I liked V8

I eat pretty well, but I always feel that there's more I could do nutritionally for my little fetus, especially when it comes to veggies. If I liked V8, I could swig that and be reasonably certain that I'm getting the 250 servings of vegetables in every glass or whatever it is that they promise. As it is, though, I'm not wild about tomato juice, even though I like tomatoes in almost every other form. I've read recently that he should now be able to taste the foods I'm eating, at least a little, which is weird to me since everything travels through the umbilical cord and not into his mouth, but there you have it nonetheless. I'm cognizant of the fact that the foods I'm eating now can help develop his future eating habits, though obviously a great deal of that will be formed after he comes out as well. It's just another element of pressure to think about during this incubation period.

I signed us up today for our first birthing class at the hospital, and it's in just over two weeks. I can't believe we're already ready for that! Our hospital does a basics class and then a more in-depth Lamaze class for people interested in that, so we'll be doing both, but for now, we've only registered for the basics one (signs of labor, videos of different types of births, etc.). We'll do the Lamaze class sometime in late April or early May, I think, but we have a few options and need to look at our schedules more closely before we decide. Our hospital tour is this coming Sunday, which I'm looking forward to just so I have a better sense of what the delivery environment will be like. Labor scares me a little (okay, more than a little), but I like to be armed with information, and I know I have a good coach-in-the-making here as well. =)

Jack really wanted to sign up for the class where they teach you to how to feed, change, and teach the baby tricks, so we signed up to take that mini-class in May. (I was kidding about the tricks, btw.) With all these classes, we're the hospital event planner's dream come true, I'm sure.

In other pregnancy developments, I decided last night that the ideal sleeping situation for me would be in a huge bed, by myself, surrounded by pillows. I like Jack, but there's not really enough room for him, me, and all the cushioning I now feel that I need in order to sleep comfortably. I have two pillows under my head, one behind me to sort of lean against, and a king-sized pillow to throw my leg over and hug, and I think that between all of that and the two cats, Jack is starting to feel a little claustrophobic at night. It's just so HARD for me to find a good position now, especially one that doesn't make my back hurt. Whine, whine, whine...

Don't let my whining fool you. Life is actually pretty darn good right now.

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Yeah, I don't like V8 either. When I bought some a few years ago and discovered I didn't like it, I made a spanish rice with peppers, onions, and chopped tomatoes and used mostly tomato juice instead of water - so that's a trick you could use! And it was tasty too. :-) Or you could use it as a base for soups (more good nutritional stuff than broth).

I think the taste gets into the amniotic fluid, especially garlic, curry and other strong flavors. Babies in utero (especially in the 3rd tri - I guess you're almost there, right?) are constantly "practicing" behaviors - sucking, swallowing amniotic fluid, excreting, and of course kicking. :-) If I recall right, there was a pretty classic/famous infant development study done in which they injected saccharin into the amniotic fluid and measured how much the baby drank, and they drink more when the amniotic fluid is sweet. And at birth, infants also prefer sweet and dislike sour and bitter tastes. Very interesting!

Exiting about all your upcoming classes. I like the "tricks" comment - I was imagining you & Jack teaching Kent to balance a ball on his nose or something. LOL!
Ok, I read this yesterday, and ended up thinking about you at about 3 am. I was at war with the pillows for some reason and couldn't get the one behind me fixed right. I ended up switching everything around in the middle of the night- much to Brad's delight. I have the same general set up as you, although I keep a pillow or something over my head as well. Poor husbands.
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