Here's the crib! We love it. The quilt hanging over the front bar is one that Jack's mom made for him, and I thought it looked just spectacular with the black wood. Picture a light green wall behind the crib, as well as fun-colored bed furnishings coming to us courtesy of Grandma (Jack's mom), and you'll get an idea of what the nest is shaping up to look like. Oh, and there will be a mattress, too. Not pictured is the toddler bed rail that also came with it, which we'll figure out how to install on the front, once he's big enough to understand the physical implications of climbing out of bed.

It's so exciting to have a crib in the house. Makes it feel real on a whole new level. =)

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Very pretty! That quilt is gorgeous. And it will look great with a light green wall. Did you get your changing table yet, or just more dumb tags? :-)
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