This has been a weird week, so I'm really glad that our church women's retreat is this weekend. I'm waiting for the woman who's coming to pick me up in a few minutes, and I'm looking forward to going to Feliciana (the Presbyterian retreat center about an hour from here) and relaxing a bit. I'm taking some grading with me, and it would be great to get some/all of it done. I've also got some books, including a Fauré book that includes a lot of his letters and a developmental book called The Scientist in the Crib that my developmental psychologist friend Lauren got me for Christmas. There will be crafts, creative writing, walks outside, etc., but it's all pretty unstructured, so it will be easy for me to go off and do my own thing when I feel like not mingling (which happens to me sometimes, just as it does to everyone). I had a blast last year, so this should be a neat weekend.

While I'm gone, Jack will be lonely (of course), but he has big plans to tackle a few more of the 17 points. A friend of mine from school is coming over to help him move furniture — nevermind the fact that all of said furniture is currently covered with clutter. Jack thinks he can get it cleared off, if not by organizing things, then by the Bill Carter method of sweeping everything into a box and forgetting about it. =) Anyway, wish him luck.

Ride's here. I'm outta here!

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