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Hooked on baby clothes?? That'd be me.

It started this weekend. The buying of clothes for little Kent. There's no going back. We started at TJ Maxx with a cutesy baseball outfit that's 6-month size — we're not planning to make a habit of decking out our kid in sports-themed stuff, but this was too cute to pass up. The little baseball shirt (far left) hooked me first, and it was all so cheap that we got the matching pants and jacket to go with it. We then moved on to the 3-month onesies in the middle. The light blue one has a little milk bottle embroidered in the middle, and the printed one behind it has milk bottles and cookies all over it. I realize he won't be eating cookies at 3 months, but still... too cute.

After leaving TJ Maxx with what I thought was a rather conservative collection, considering the money we COULD have spent (just ask Jack), we headed to Kohl's to use a $10 gift card we had gotten in the mail. While at Kohl's, we found the two animal onesies (more 0-3 month stuff) on the right, one of which has frogs and the other of which has a giraffe and orange stripes. They were really soft and cute, but the real kicker came when we turned the giraffe one around and saw the back. Jack's response was, "Okay, now we HAVE to get it!"

Our kid is going to have a giraffe on his butt. I think that's hilarious.

I was admiring all of our purchases (total = less than $20) when we got home and thinking how amazing it was that our son is going to be wearing these clothes in just a few months.

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Buying baby clothes is like a sickness. You just can't help yourself. The ones in your picture are sooo cute!! I love them. Little Kent is going to be so adorable.
Those are adorable! It is good to know that you are pro-cute-things-on-Kent's-tush, so I can grab em if I see em for presents!! :-)
P.S. grab the onsies, not Kent's tush. :-) LOL!
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