Knowing is half the battle

Our birthing class was GREAT. Even while I was there, I kept thinking, "I feel so much better about this than I did before!" I knew a lot of info beforehand, but it was all kind of sporadic and I didn't understand the sequence of what happened, etc., so this really helped everything to gel in my head about what we should expect. I also discovered that the more I hear about epidurals, the less I want one, so now I'm even more excited about our Lamaze class in two weekends (4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday) to give us some strategies to cope with labor pain and attempt it naturally if I can. If the pain is too much and I decide that I need an epidural, I won't feel bad about taking it, but it would be nice to do it without. Obviously I won't know how it feels until I get there, but the prepared wait-and-see approach is a strategy a lot of moms and medical people have suggested and one that I feel comfortable with.

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about delivery of the placenta, though? We saw a video of a vaginal birth, and then they pulled THAT thing out a few minutes later, and it was pretty gross. Interesting to know about, but unexpected to see. Yeesh. I'll be in the midst of I-Have-A-Baby-Now Euphoria, though, so I'll be okay when it's my turn to have that come out of me.

Hurray for knowledge! And... Breathe.

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That thing? Did you think it just dissolved? Some people take it home and eat it. The doctor likes to analyze it for color and size and make sure all of it is there. But you're right, you'll be too wrapped in the "Oh my gosh! My baby is actually a baby."
For more gross stories no one tells you about, just let me know. Also, I can tell you what items to swipe from your room, also gross but helpful.
You won't even notice the placenta thing. I couldn't tell you when THAT happened--too busy watching my new son. :) You'll be pretty wrapped up in Kent and New Mommy emotions. GL with the natural birthing--I'm proud of you for thinking about it. If you have any questions just let me know--we did the Bradley method but I can tell you what helped me be a little more comfortable. --Heather
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