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We took our tour of the hospital this afternoon, and it was really neat. We're having this baby in quite the swanky locale. Woman's Hospital is awesome. They do all kinds of treatments and surgeries there, but they're pretty focused on birthing, and it was so reassuring to see the amazing facilities and hear about all the care we'll be getting. The birthing rooms are very nice, sort of hotel-esque with wood furniture, paintings behind the bed, inconspicuous high-tech monitoring equipment, etc., but the one they showed us looked so peaceful and sterile that I couldn't help imagining the range of intense emotions people go through in those rooms. I also saw myself screaming and red-faced, which was pretty exciting. =)

They have the baby stay in the room with the mom all the time after birth, unless the parents want to send him/her to the nursery for a little while, or unless the baby needs more care in the transition area (for the first six hours) or the NICU. They were showing us the little table where they place the baby for the first tests and stuff, and I was getting all dreamy-eyed, picturing my tiny son wrapped up in a blanket, until the nurse called the table a "warmer," and then I guffawed a little too loudly, in spite of myself. Apparently, I was the only one in the room besides Jack who found it funny. All I could think of was a plate warmer at a buffet restaurant, an image that doesn't really go with a soft, new baby. Amusing stuff.

Another baby development of the weekend was the procuring of no-VOC paint from Sherwin Williams yesterday. The light green color we selected is called Crocodile Dreams — a fairly perfect name to go in a safari-themed baby room, I think. (I really like to narrow down paint to a small family of colors and then select the one with the best name, like "Monet's lilies," which is the color in our guest room.) The lack of harsh fumes in this paint means that I can help with the painting if I want, but I'll more likely be doing cheerleading and other peripherally-related tasks while Jack, Jennifer, and Rob do the actual rolling and ladder-stepping. I'm not sure when we'll get around to painting, but two weekends from now is a distinct possibility. After we paint, we also need to install a smoke detector in the room, in addition to decorating and furnishing the nest for our little one.

I can't believe he'll be here in three months.

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Well I can just imagine the nurses bringing out little sterno cans for the baby warmer and surrounding him with little appetizers. A birthing buffet, disturbing but funny. I like green rooms good choice.
The term "swanky locale" brings to mind pedicures during labor, brie and fruit (they could warm the brie on the warmer!! ROTFL!), and a fancy (virgin) cocktail to sip between contractions. Or maybe one laced with pain reducing drugs. :-) LOL!

On a serious note, it is so nice that they let babies stay in the parents' room. That seems like the natural way it should be if no monitoring or extra care is needed. It sounds like you found a great place to usher little Kent into the world!

I love the Crocodile Dreams paint! Cool that it is no-VOC too. Be sure to post pictures when you have it done!
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