Relief w/ frustration

So the written exam I was supposed to take tomorrow is apparently no longer on tap. My committee decided that they'd like me just to do another oral defense on April 27, based on the history exam I had taken earlier in the spring, contrary to what they had told me at first. Interesting development. I would have loved to know this sooner, since I spent all week working on readings and analysis that will likely not come up at all during the oral exam. I don't mind having learned all this stuff, because it's not as if I won't be able to use it at some point in the future (and it was good for me to work through, anyway), but I really think I could have spent my spring break more effectively if I actually knew what I was preparing for. I'm relieved not to have to do a written exam tomorrow, because I've been having first-trimester flashbacks this week and have been feeling pretty crappy all around, but still... it would have been nice to know earlier about this change in plans. I get the sense that they had decided all of this some time ago and just failed to express it to me in an explicit manner.

Miscommunication is a lovely thing. It seems to happen fairly often around here.




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