Pregnancy Brain strikes again. As I was driving to campus this morning, I ran a red light in my neighborhood. I didn't realize it until I was driving under it. I think I would have stopped if I had seen somebody coming across the intersection in front me, but there was no one coming, and I was apparently lost in another world. That scares me. It's extra weird, because that light is almost always red when I come up to it, so I'm quite accustomed to stopping there. I'm now wondering what else I've missed, and whether I'm going to back into something or hit a pedestrian as I'm musing about random things.

I don't feel that I've been overly moody during my pregnancy, though I have noticed my being snotty to Jack a little more than necessary (well, it's not ever necessary, I guess). I apologize, and he rolls with it (and sometimes finds it funny), but I hate that things are just flying out of my mouth like I'm an annoying teenager again or something. I've also been feeling more sentimental lately, including a strange nostalgia all day today for my old jeans, which of course I can't wear right now. They're like old friends in my dresser, waiting patiently for me to come back to them when I'm ready. I miss them. Maybe next fall or winter I'll be back (or close) to the size I used to be. No ambitious post-partum weight-loss goals or anything... but we'll see.




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