Sunny Friday

I've felt better today, nausea-wise and headache-wise, than I had been feeling earlier in the week, so I took this opportunity to get out of the house for a little while. I went to school to meet with my advisor very briefly so that I could nail down the expectations for this new exam schema they've given me, and then I went to the library to drop off a book and check out a few others that had come in through interlibrary loan. Then I met Jack downtown for lunch at this cafe we really like, and they surprised us by giving us better service than usual. It was a nice lunch, and it's nice and sunny outside, so it's been an enjoyable day so far. It's quite a different sort of afternoon than I thought I'd be having, too, and I feel better about the expectations for this exam in two weeks. I'm off to make a grocery store run in a few minutes, as soon as I get inspiration for dinner — or maybe I'll just hope that inspiration will strike at the store. Sometimes fresh produce is enough to get that ball rolling. =)

We have our first birthing class on Sunday afternoon at the hospital, and we're both really looking forward to it. It's the "prerequisite" for the Lamaze class, where they give everyone the basics of birthing and then give people the option of taking other classes if they're interested. I guess a lot of people just figure they'll come in and wing it, and that probably works out for a fair number of expecting parents, given the excellent care available at a lot of hospitals, but we like to know things.

Speaking of babies... my friend Annie Beth from college had her baby girl on Wednesday! Pictures of adorable Emily Grace with and without her tiny pink hat can be found on their website. Babies rock!

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