We had a productive trip to the farmer's market this morning and got some very yummy looking stuff. After I had arranged it all on the counter, it made me so happy to look at the fresh colors that I had to take a couple of pictures. One of the things we found was an enormous English cucumber, so the jars you see in the background are my first-ever attempt at making dill pickles. I made my grandmother's sweet pickle recipe once, and those were great, but I like dill even better so decided to give these a shot. I'll report back in a few days after they've had time to do their thing.

Anyway, I bought the squash because it looked great, but now I'm left with the question of what to do with all of it. So here's my query of the day to help me out of my "pickle" (ha haaaaa): What do you like to do with squash? Recipes or general suggestions would be much appreciated!




Well---being the Southerner that I am I cannot resist the yummy frying method. Slice your squash. Dip slices in a cornmeal/sugar mixture. Use your choice of oil and fry those puppies in a pan on the stove. Doesn't take long and is DELICIOUS! Yes,not the most healthy way, but my favorite way to enjoy fresh summer squash! I am jealous you already get fresh squash!Enjoy!--Heather
I prefer your mom's method. Saute with olive oil and sprinkle parm cheese on top. I also use squash with pasta (it would be good with those tomatoes) or in lasagna.
I guess it depends on what Kent's craving.
We like to do 2 things with summer squash...

1 - Slice into pieces and place on the grill for a few minutes...

2 - Make a very unhealthy casserole which has more butter and onions than anything else...
Slice it, steam it, smash it and bash it up, mix with coconunt milk in a pot. These are the begginigs of a sweet soup. Add other veggies and spices to taste. I recommend tumeric and curry and a little cyan so you get the sweet smoothness of the coconut milk paired with a little spicy kick. Include a yam for bonus yummyness.
Ooo I am so jealous of your fresh veggies! I had a tomato salad last night at an italian restaurant and the tomatoes were just not good. :-( As for squash, I like the unhealthy frying method that Heather mentioned, as well as the saute with olive oil and add parm cheese. I also like squash steamed or grilled (with onions and other veggies) and added to burritos!

Re: an older post, I'm sorry to hear your committee is so non-communicative! That is frustrating. I hope you're all on the same page now.

Hope you enjoyed the birthing class this afternoon!
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