Baby shower

Everybody left, and now I'm a little sad. But it was an awesome weekend. I'll post more about the whole visit later, but the baby shower is foremost in my mind at the moment, so I'll blog on that first.

The shower was such fun, and Jack and I got a bunch of great things we really need! We didn't take pictures with our camera, though several other people did, but we got a friend to tape some of the gift opening and gaming with our digital video camera, so in a little while, as we learn to get the video onto our computer and edit it, there will be actual footage somewhere on the internet (probably Google video). More on that story as it develops.

Our moms put together little photo collages of Jack's and my baby pictures, so everyone got to see Jack's wild, curly platinum blond hair that mysteriously transformed into straight, brown hair at some point. He was such a cute little boy, though I think he's even cuter now.

People wrote down advice for us on little notecards, and my mom even got contributions from some out-of-town friends and family. Those were neat to read, and some of them were pretty hilarious, like a friend of ours from church (whose son is grown) who wrote that her advice was never to invite the whole third grade to a pool party, because inevitably it will rain, and then we'll be stuck with 20-some third graders running amok throughout our house. We'll have to keep that in mind.

We also played a game with nursery rhymes in which each person was supposed to try to write down the word(s) that would answer a particular question, such as "What did Little Jack Horner eat?" or "Whom did Simple Simon meet on his way to the fair?" I knew a lot of them, but Jack didn't, and since we were sitting next to each other and tend to be giggly and conspiratorial during games, we started using the word "carrots" as a default answer for the ones we didn't know. So the answer to "What did Mrs. Hubbard get from the cupboard?" was, of course, "carrots." What did the three little kittens lose? Carrots. You get the idea. It kept being funnier as the game went on, and my favorite answer that arose from the whole thing was "Tuesday's child is full of carrots." I actually knew the real answer to that one ("grace"), but it was so funny with "carrots" thrown in there that Jack and I are still laughing about it. I'm not sure anyone else was quite as amused as we were, but it was a really fun game, and all the older folks at the shower, mostly people from our church, kicked the younger folks' butts (and my mom's fiancé got every single one right!).

Lauren, Jennifer, my mom, and their significant others put together a really fun party with great food and just the right balance of activities and chatting time.

We sorted through all of our loot yesterday afternoon, and, after the clothes and blankets and things are washed, I will endeavor to find a place for everything in the nursery. My clothes system may need to be reevaluated somewhat, but I think it'll work. While sorting through all of our amazing gifts, I hit upon the idea to put a hooded towel on my head. Don't look for a logical explanation here — I think I just like putting things on my head. Anyway, Lauren, who had given us the hooded towels, decided to join in the fun, and we picked up a couple of the fun toys to hold in the picture. I'm holding a stuffed lion that doubles as a teether toy, and Lauren is holding this hilarious banana from Pier 1 that has four little stuffed monkeys hiding inside it. Now there's yet another silly picture of his mom for Kent to roll his eyes at when he's older. I can't wait!

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I love hooded towels. There's nothing cuter than a little wet baby with a hooded towel on his noggin.
Yeah, I'm guessing my son will be cuter with a hooded towel on his head than I am. =)
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