It's good to have creative friends

Our friends Nikki and John took it upon themselves to make sure our baby is adorned in some awesome custom-made clothing right from the beginning. Here are the onesies they made for us (with the help of Nikki's sister, who did the screen printing). Nikki said they were laughing for about an hour while they were brainstorming ideas for these, and I think the ones they came up with are pretty top-notch humor.

On the top row, we have the math-inspired onesies. The first two may take you a minute like they did for me, but I think the only one that needs explanation is the top right one, which apparently means "I'm #1." Don't feel bad if you didn't know that; I had to ask Jack while we were unwrapping them.

The bottom row contains the music-inspired onesies: the one that says "Hold Me" has a fermata, which is a musical symbol to hold a note a bit longer than its stated value (ha), and the one that says "Kickin' it Old School" has an example of black mensural notation, the system in use during the late Middle Ages. That last one is our favorite! It'll also be the perfect size for Kent to wear to the annual meeting of the Society for Music Theory, which he'll be attending in November with his mom. He'll be the coolest baby at SMT!

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Wow, I feel like 100 x smarter now. Thanks for the explanations. Your friends are very creative and very smart. Kent is one lucky kid.
Those are flippin' hysterical!!! haha!!!

I love "qtpi"
Coolest onesies ever!
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