Nursery developments

Since we moved into our house almost three years ago, we've managed to paint about one room a year. This year, it's the nursery! Our friends came over on Saturday to help us paint, and including our rather long lunch break, it took about four hours. That's way better than the long, involved ordeal it's been when only two of us have been painting. Jack and I did a few touch-ups on Sunday, since our walls are a funny texture and tend to have little white spots showing through, but it was pretty painless, and we're so happy with the results! The color, called Crocodile Dreams, is actually a little less yellowish and a little more bluish than what it looks like in the pictures, but you get the idea of our burgeoning little nest as it is right now. Immediately on the left, you can see the corner of the changing table, and then the crib is along the other wall. Notably missing at this point are the rug, which we need to have cleaned, and the IKEA storage thingy, which is currently buried behind many boxes in a different room. Nevertheless, it's starting to look like an actual baby could live here. Trippy.

Here's a picture of that wall that's to the left as you walk in the room. It's kind of bare right now, but we have plans for things to put on the walls, and I'm sure other things will fill up the space as time passes, like a diaper bin and a hamper, etc.

This is what the closet looks like right now, with all of his little clothes washed and hanging up. Awww. It still has a few remnants from the room's previous existence as an office, but as we sort and toss/put things away, we'll get to the other stuff taking up space in there. It's on the 17-point plan.

And finally, just for fun and because I'm proud of it, here's the switchplate I painted and stickered. Kent won't be able to see the little animal stickers for quite some time, so it's really more for me, but I still think it's cute. Decorating switchplates is such a fun little detail thing to do.

So that's what I've been up to lately, besides finishing up life as an adjunct. Now I begin the next chapter of my life as a dissertating stay-at-home mom. What a change, but I'm looking forward to it!

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It's looks so good, guys!! The closet!!!!! I'm going to freak out. What an incredibly awesome baby room!!!
are you going to keep that lamp in there? It's so fun. It looks like it goes with the room.

One of things I'm hoping to stick in the Box o' Baby is the baby gym, fyi. If you want it. E had a lot of fun grabbing toys and playing with the other baby in the mirror that hung down.
It is so adorable! And neat. I can't wait until your permanent houseguest moves in.

- Excited in NC
You guys did a great job. It looks so cozy.
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