After being reminded by my mother that I was born the day AFTER a full moon in what was a relatively empty maternity ward (since everyone in town had given birth the night before), I decided we ought to do a little bit of checking in case we become susceptible to the full-moon-labor phenomenon. Plus, I couldn't sleep.

To appease his pregnant wife, Jack got out of bed, went online, and found a website that calculates the full moon of any month going back to the year 1700, and out of curiosity he checked his own birthday first. Full moon. Interesting.

The full moon occurring near my due date is June 30, so you may want to mark your calendars for this as my "alternate" due date, since it's only two days before the 40-weeks-from-conception deadline. Never hurts to be prepared, right?

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Interesting. Cool website! I wasn't born on a full moon, BUT when I looked at it, I first though I was born at the exact time of the new moon on March 16, 1980. Seriously. To the minute - it's listed as 18:56 and I was born at 6:56pm. Dun dun dunnnnn. It was creeping me out a bit, until I saw it is in universal time (which is 5 hours ahead of eastern standard time), so the new moon occurred exactly 5 hours before my birth. In any case, what does it mean to be born on a new moon?? I googled and didn't find anything except that new moon is a metaphor for new beginnings & spring.
I had a really weird astronomy prof in college, and one of the things he talked about (obviously) was the moon cycle. He said someone actually did a study to see if more kids were born on the full moon. The results: there's actually more births halfway between full and new moons in either direction. Pretty wierd...
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