Ridiculous Pregnant Woman at Twelve O'Clock

You'd laugh if you could see me, because I'm currently wearing an empty Bjorn carrier around the house. My sister got it for me and I just got the box a few minutes ago, and since it's the baby thing I was the most excited about getting from the time I started working at BRU, I screamed a little when I opened the box and then had to put it on right away, despite the conspicuous lack of baby being carried in it.

The cats are eyeing me suspiciously. I think they know that I thought briefly about putting one of them in the carrier, just to see what it would feel like to have ten or twelve pounds of something in it. Luckily, though, they're in the clear — I'm not excited about sustaining the injuries it would require to get one of them into a Bjorn.

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YAY!!!! I know the feeling.

I just made a sling for Ellis; for the whiny making dinner hour when he wants lots of hugs.
You're funny. I was just talking to Brad today about checking Ebay for a new sling. I have the Bjorn and like it better than the Snugglie. I also have a sling that will remain nameless because I don't like it at all. I need one because right now
I am typing with one hand. Hence the lack of blog entries on my part recently.
Hahah! This is why you need a dog! They cooperate a little better with things like that! =) Onex says she'd love to test it out for you, if only we were closer.
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