So imagine you're a baby...

and this is what you see above your head every time you wake up.

I just finished making this mobile.

It's my favorite thing I've made for Kent so far.

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That is a cute freakin' mobile!! I'm not a baby, but even I'd like waking up and seeing that every morning. :-) I hope you have an excellent baby shower this weekend!
Hi from sitting beside you on your couch while visiting! :-) Love the mobile, it is great! This is one lucky, loved kid.
Love the mobile! (is that beads and wire for the leaf part?)

Hope you have a fun shower. SOOO wish I could be there!
Omigosh...the mobile turned out so well! It really looks cute. I sure hope Kent gurgles a lot at it. =P I hope that you had a fantastic shower...I really wish I could have been there! 1) to see you in all of your pregger glory and 2) to check out the way cool 17 point plan. Hope you had fun!
ohmygosh, I love it!!! Whenever I decide to become a mommy, you're so going to be helping me think up fun crafty ideas! ;-)

Glad the shower was fun, I'm sorry I missed it, but I am SOOO looking forward to my visit in August/September!
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