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My friend Jennifer got me some baby yarn for my birthday, and I had found a pattern online a few months ago that I really wanted to try out for Kent whenever I had a chance. This is my first knitted sweater ever, mind you. It helps that it's very small, so I was actually capable of finishing it in less than a week, before I got sick of the whole thing. I'm pretty excited to see it finished already! I knit it with big needles so that it would be lightweight, since it won't be cold enough here when he's this tiny for him to bundle up in something thick and woolly. Now I'm inspired to try different patterns with darker, more wintry yarns — perhaps a grey hoodie is in his future.

Patti appears in the picture because (1) it helps you see the size of the sweater in comparison to an object you already know the size of, and (2) when I lay the sweater on her, she didn't run away, so I figured "Why not??" If only I could have really put it ON her, that would have been something, but I didn't want to ruin the sweater before my baby gets a chance to wear it!

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