The time draws near

We have only three things left on our 17-point plan; two of them are organizing tasks that are well underway but not finished yet, and the third is "Have a baby." I think we're doing well! The linen closet has successfully been transformed into a cat closet, solving our problem of where to put the litter box after we moved it out of the baby's room, and now instead of a door, the closet has a lovely curtain with a tieback for a little decoration and the illusion of privacy. I'm kind of proud of our solution.

We're driving to Mandeville, about an hour east of here, for dinner with some friends and some of their friends, and our contribution to the evening is Abita Amber and Turbodog (beers), plus something else for me. I'll be taking a few sips of Jack's Turbodog, because I miss it SO, but it'd be good for me to have something of my own to work on besides water. I've been good about drinking lots of water, but events like this call for fun beverages of some kind. I really do miss beer, which is funny to say since I didn't even like it until about a year and a half ago.

In belly news, my belly is rather round at this point, and in the past few weeks, I've started developing the dreaded stretch marks. They're way below my belly button, so no one will really see them, but I still find myself eyeing them suspiciously in the mirror (because I can no longer see the underside of my belly without a mirror). Also, I'm pleased to report that my belly button is still an inny, but only just. I'm not sure whether it'll pop out like a turkey thermometer thingy before I give birth, but time will tell. We're only six weeks away from the due date — can you believe it?

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Wow, I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left till Kent arrives. Time just keeps flying. =) I want some belly pics since I can't see you in person! Can you make that happen?!
Ditto- mom a
Don't worry about the stretch marks. Speaking from experience: By the time your baby is twenty years old, those marks will be gone.

Congratulations on your baby!
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