Visitors and more preparations

I have people coming this weekend! Wahoo! Lauren and Steve are coming on Friday and leaving Monday, and my mom and her fiancé are coming on Saturday and leaving Tuesday. Their full day of overlap, Sunday, is the day of the Great Baby Shower of 2007, which I haven't really been involved in planning at all and which I'm really looking forward to. They're in cahoots with my friend Jennifer, and it should be a very fun time (and co-ed, so Jack will be privy to the oohing and ahhing too)!

This week is all about getting through those last few boxes of stuff that are still in the guest room (since we'll have guests who want to sleep in there). Over the weekend and yesterday, we tackled our coat closet, which had been housing a bunch of packing materials, boxes, and some coats in a very disorganized manner but which now looks like a perfectly respectable closet. I also reorganized my crafts, which had just been ridiculously thrown into a huge pile in the guest room closet. Now, everything shares a box or a compartment with its like-minded peers, and it makes me very happy. The yarn box is the biggest. =)

I have my 34-week doctor's appointment on Thursday, and this will be the last one before she starts checking the baby's position and checking to see if I'm dilated (that'll be in two more weeks). How crazy is that? We went over the birth plan last time, so there's a copy in my chart and several more copies at home waiting to accompany us to the hospital, and I feel better about having our wishes on paper and having discussed everything with her explicitly. She's been great about listening to what we want and trying to make it happen, so I'm cautiously optimistic that the hospital staff will do the same (but I'm still glad to have Jack in case somebody needs to lay the smack down).

We've been practicing our Lamaze breathing (well, really MY breathing) a few times a week and getting more of our pre-baby reading done than was possible when I was still teaching, and I think those things have helped us feel a bit more in control. I'm not sure anyone really feels in control when faced with a newborn for the first time, but as I've said before, info is good.

Kent has been persistent lately about rolling all around and having a dance party when I'm interested in sleeping, which should be great preparation for when he's out and crying and needing things around the clock. Owen Wilson's character in Armageddon has a great line when he's being strapped in to the space shuttle before takeoff that I think applies here: "It's like I'm 98 percent excited and 2 percent scared. Or maybe it's 2 percent excited and 98 percent scared, I dunno. That's what makes it so INTENSE!"

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