Cervix remains unphased

I went to the doctor today. No change. Boo. I guess Kent is happy where he is for the moment, so good for him.

I was such a grumpus by the time I left, though. I had had to wait quite a long time to see the nurse practitioner, because my doctor is on a vacation with her family this week and has sent all of her patients elsewhere. Once I finally saw the NP, she was great, but it took a while to get to that point. Then I had to drive a LONG way home in the blazing afternoon sun and nasty traffic, and by the time I got home, I was a big ol' ball of tension.

Seriously, the sun just needs to go away. I'm sure there's a logical fallacy in there somewhere, but I can't handle oppressive sunshine, afternoon traffic, AND third-trimester exhaustion/frustration all at the same time. Thankfully, I had a chance to lie down and listen to some soft music when I got home, and then Jack and I went out to dinner and then walked around the mall for a little while (since it's too muggy and buggy in the summer to take a walk outside). We just got home, and I feel better.

Me, me, me. I, I, I. This is why people have kids, right? So they'll finally get over themselves and stop being so self-centered? We'll see. =)

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Aww, poor E! I'm glad you had a chance to get back on track when you got home, and that you felt better. Hang in there, he'll be here soon!
Yep, hang in there. You will feel that way more the closer it gets. Just wanting it to all be over. But it will be and what a wonderful bundle you will have to spoil.
I finally had a chance to vote for your due date! I am thinking that the fireworks from the 4th of July are going to wake up Kent and July 5th is the date. We shall see ;)

Hang in there and we are thinking of you guys each day! Hopefully we can travel down your way in the late fall and see everyone!
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