Cherries are lovely little things

I'm eating a nice big bowl of cherries for a snack, spitting the pits back into the bowl and reminiscing about eating fresh cherries and nectarines on the pebble beach in Nice with my friend Annie Beth. After our morning language classes, we'd often grab our beach stuff, hit a fruit stand, and then sit for an hour or two with sticky fruit juice on us, enjoying the mild May weather and the blue Mediterranean.

Being in Nice was one of my favorite summer experiences ever. Plus, it wasn't so DANG hot there.




That sounds heavenly! It's not as civilized as spitting them back into the bowl, but I enjoy spitting cherry pits and watermelon seeds out the window of a car, or trying to see how far I can get them if I'm outside. But since you're probably inside shielding yourself from the heat, don't try this at home. :-)

P.S. ykukiev! LOL.
I must agree! I can sit and eat a whole big bag of 'em at once. It's always fun to try and pick out which ones you think are going to be the sweetest too! MMM, now I want to run to the store and get some!

Are they super expensive there too? I bought 2-3 pounds the other day and it came to $11!!
My cherries were on sale for $1.99 a pound, which was a big part of the reason I bought them! They're normally about twice that much. Score!

Yeah, Lauren, I'll refrain from spitting them out in the yard, though that does sound like almost as much fun as spitting watermelon seeds. =)
I ALWAYS think about Nice when I see cherries on sale. I also love them, and am saddened by the exorbitant prices they charge at the local Harris Teeter. *sniff* Oh- and I feel special because I was mentioned in your blog. :)
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