Full moon fails to induce labor

Well, it looks like June 30 is going to come and go without a baby appearance. Hum de dum... just sitting here, waiting to give birth... hum de dum...

I'm really getting kind of impatient and emotional about the whole thing. Of course, being emotional at this stage of pregnancy is nothing extraordinary. I've been crying about it every couple of nights, but I'll cry at just about anything these days. Jack is starting to share my impatience now, though he claimed today that his is a more "rational" form of impatience. What a man. =)

We just want to hold our kid. Sigh.

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Awww, hugs to E! Hang in there!
Kent is coming! Kent is coming! I'm still holding out for the ole due date...which is tomorrow! How exciting! Worse case scenario--you will NOT be pregnant this time next month. :) I'm sending labor dust your way! Heather
Man, I can't imagine! Me, Ms. Impatient with EVERYTHING, will not be a pretty sight pregnant and past my due date. Oy. I'll probably be nuts if it doesn't come BEFORE the actual date. Maybe by then I'll have learned how to be patient. ;-) I'll be thinking about ya.. hoping he comes ASAP.
Happy Due Date! Don't worry, he will be here soon and then you get to keep him forever!
Nicole just told me you'd said contractions had started around 4pm. I'm wishing you an easy delivery. You definitely must send us pics! Big welcome to Kent, I know your glad it's time. I can't even imagine what it's like. >:D< Hugs! Congratulations to you guys!
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