What a productive day! Oh my goodness, I feel so good about being able to check things off our to-do list. First of all, kudos go to Jack for snaking the drain in our bathroom sink this morning, which he had needed to do for a couple of months. The drain was barely trickling last night, so he bit the bullet after breakfast and got to it. He also replaced our burnt-out stovetop light with a CFL, so now I can see food again when I'm cooking. Yay, Jack! We then cleaned out the freezer, because it needed cleaning and because we needed more space for things I wanted to make ahead and freeze, like casseroles. We won't have a whole bunch of stuff saved up, because our freezer isn't that big, but it'll still be nice to have a few premade things we can just toss in the oven at first when we're desperate for a meal and have a baby needing things. =) I made some macaroni casserole, with and without ground beef, and a big recipe of spinach and artichoke dip that we can eat with pitas or use as pizza sauce or whatever. I froze it in baggies so that it's already portioned out, and I plan to do the same thing with roasted eggplant dip whenever I get around to it. Next weekend, we tackle the task of cleaning the fridge, which I'm not looking forward to but which needs doing, of course.

After lunch and showers, we proceeded to drive in clockwise fashion all around the city, hitting various thrift stores in search of a glider or rocker and getting a few other things accomplished as well. We visited my old peeps at BRU where we bought a mattress, a mattress pad, a crib sheet, and the plastic thingy to go under the car seat so my car's upholstery will survive the kid (ground-in crackers notwithstanding). One of my former co-workers had been a student in my music appreciation class this past semester, which was funny but not nearly as weird as I had thought it would be, and so when everyone saw me, they were joking about how she told them I was "serious" and wasn't as easy as she thought I'd be. To be fair, I had warned her that students complained about my class being too difficult the previous semester. =) It felt kind of good to have her say that, because I knew she didn't think I was unreasonable, just that she was slightly annoyed at actually having to do work in an elective class. This was also the first time any of them had seen me pregnant, so that was fun, and they were all shocked that I'm at 36 weeks already. Apparently, I look small to everyone else, just not myself.

After hitting many thrift stores and being disappointed in the furniture selection (I'm not sure what we were expecting to find, but it was worth a look anyway), we went to a furniture consignment shop and found a glider! It's in great shape except that it's missing a bolt, so once Jack figures out the size, it'll be easy to fix that. It was a good deal, much less than we would have spent on a low-quality new one, and it has a nice high back for tall people to rest their heads on. The upholstery isn't my favorite, but it is primarily blue, at least, and it sort of reminds me of the upholstery on my mom and stepdad's old chairs that they got when they first got married. If we decide to reupholster it later, that's always an option, but it's not a huge priority right now. We were just so excited to find a glider for a good price so that we can sit with the baby in his room!

Now we're home and are waiting patiently for our baked potatoes to finish baking. I need to throw together the rest of dinner in a minute, but sitting on the couch feels good right now. I think we're going to eat and watch a movie and not do anything else for the rest of the evening.

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