Suddenly relaxed

It's a little weird to say this, but I think we're basically ready for the baby. There are still things to be done and purchased, of course, but there's nothing major hanging over my head, now that we've gotten a mattress and a glider. Maybe my nesting instinct is just on hiatus for a few days and I'll be back in panic mode by the weekend.

I've actually been sitting in the baby's room reading, getting used to the chair, enjoying the space itself, and also training Celia not to jump into the crib. I've tried to pet her and reassure her when she's just walking around the baby's room exploring, because I want her to feel like she can be comfortable around the baby when he comes — we just can't let her get in the crib. She's very interested in it now that there's a mattress, but a couple of shakes of the can of pennies (which Amy suggested years ago and which has been a MARVELOUS cat deterrent) seem to do the trick of getting her to jump right back out again. I'm hoping I can get her trained before the baby comes so that I don't have to startle him with the can of pennies, because I'm thinking that might not go over well. Bottom line, though: no cats in the crib. Period.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling quite a bit different in the chest region, and I'm pretty sure the baby had dropped in the night. It can happen as much as a month before the onset of labor, so it's certainly feasible. I feel so much less pressure on my lungs (I can sit up straight again!), and he feels lower in my abdomen. It's really nice, actually. I could be misreading the sensation, having never gone through this before, but it's still a good feeling! Since I get tired and back-achey kind of easily now, it's nice to be able to breathe like a semi-normal person, at least.

That's it for now. I don't think about much besides him anymore.

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I was dropped and ready to go at 32 weeks. But then I gave birth at 36, so maybe my Go was on it's own schedule.

How nice to be relaxed and ready!? :-D

Don't forget snacks for your hospital bag. I was STARVING all the time after I had the baby. And don't forget lanolin either. (my favorite things to mention to women)
"its" WITHOUT an apostrophe, I mean.

its own schedule

How wonderful! I'm glad you feel ready, that must be an incredible relief. I'm so excited to see photos of him whenever he's born and see what kind of little person he is going to be.
Yea! How fun. Not that I want you to go too early, but I hope you don't have a long wait. I love it when other people have babies!
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