Thursday so far

We went to the doctor this morning for my now-weekly prenatal visit, and I'm 50% effaced. Score. Jack was pretty surprised, but it happens at different rates for different women, and it doesn't mean necessarily that Kent is coming tomorrow or anything. I'm only dilated to 1 cm for those keeping track at home (because I know you all have spreadsheets set up to track my pregnancy). Also, I'd just like to say that being checked for dilation and effacement is WAY more invasive than a Pap smear. Yikes.

I met with a music ed masters student this afternoon who'd like me to tutor her this summer so that she can pass the theory diagnostic exams (prerequisite for taking any grad-level theory), and that was fun. She's really sharp and has just been away from theory class for a while, teaching middle school band, and I have high hopes for her after we work together. Of course, I was very open with her when she first emailed me that getting together would be a bit more difficult in about a month, but she still wanted to work with me. I think we'll be able to get a lot done before then, and then perhaps we can meet every couple of weeks after the baby comes. We'll see.

I'd also like to report that it's hot here. Nobody is shocked, right? Right. At least I won't be pregnant in August (this is my mantra to get me through the next month).

We're having spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, and grilled asparagus for dinner, plus some kind of protein as soon as I figure that part out. I love veggie dinners. I also got some blueberries and peaches, and the blueberries will figure into a dessert somehow. Or we might eat them as is, since fruit is SO good on its own this time of year. Go, antioxidants! The peaches need to ripen for at least a day, so they're in a paper bag doing their thing, and I'll check on them tomorrow afternoon to see if they're ready yet. Peaches are my favorite fruit EVER.

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Whoa! I am impressed with your already-dilatedness. I had dilated NOT ONE BIT two days before John was born. You really just never now. Little Kent is on his way--how exciting!--Heather
I was psychic yesterday then. I shipped off warm weather gear to Kent! I hope he likes it. Happy Dilating! (Hallmark doesn't make a card for that)
Heh. To just add a little more reference to dilating... Since Emily was obviously head up, I was getting away with avoiding all that checking this time around. Without thinking about the consequences, two weeks before the section was scheduled, I opened my mouth and told one of the Drs on my rotation that I had gone into false labor. They decided to do the old "check". I was like, "Whoa whoa whoa, what do you think you're doing- nothing's coming out there!" The Dr informed me that was the point. They wanted to make sure I didn't actually go into labor before the section. Boo.
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