The waiting game

So I'm still at 1 cm, now 75% effaced. And the doctor said Kent is a little lower than he was last week. So we're making progress, but there's still no telling whether he'll be here before or after the due date. Incidentally, she surprised me by asking whether I'd like to schedule an induction for the 39th week, to which I WANTED to reply, "What part of natural childbirth is unclear to you?" There's such a culture of epidurals and scheduled inductions here, it's really crazy. I feel like a pioneer or something.

That being said, I thought it might be interesting for you all to vote on when you think he's coming (since we're NOT scheduling it and really have no idea when to expect our little squiggly), so I've posted a poll. Choose any of the dates given or write in your own, and see what everyone else thinks. Just so you have all the relevant details with which to make your decision, our due date is July 2, the nearest full moon is June 30, and his grandpa's birthday, which he might decide to wait around for, is July 7. =) And there's always the possibility that the Fourth of July fireworks will set things in motion. Who knows?? Happy voting!

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Congratulations on the effacement AND saying no to the unnecessary induction...try to avoid that at all costs if you can...also, keep your eyes peeled for a little package on your porch :). FWIW, I voted for June 25. :) --Heather
Oh UGH. You should not have to feel like a pioneer! seriously, i do not understand that idea that you can just schedule your labor. :-P
Scheduled inductions can be necessary for some women. Is everyone opposed to inductions in general, or just the elective ones? I have known several women, myself included, who had to be induced for one medical reason or another.
I'm glad you and Kent are making progress. Just don't be afraid to accept the offer if it is in the best interest of both of you. You can still go natural for the rest of it. :)
I'm certainly not opposed to inductions if there's a medical reason. I realize that some complications can be anticipated and that a controlled labor situation IS better for some women. What I disagree with is some doctors' blanket policy of trying to schedule their patients for inductions a week or two before their due dates, just to make it convenient for them. What my doctor was talking about doing was not out of any kind of medical necessity. I told her that if we go way past my due date and she thinks induction is good idea, we can talk about it then.
Well that's irritating. I love the comment that you wanted to say, LOL. And, I love the poll. I voted for July 1, splitting the difference between the full moon and due date. When I talked to Z recently, he said he wants him to be born on his birthday - July 9 (incidentally, Z's 21st bday!). But hopefully not, since that will be getting uncomfortably late for you! (In true Myers fashion BTW, both Z and I were 1.5-2 weeks late, LOL.)
what Erica said.

Scheduled inductions and Csections merely for the sake of convenience are an unfortunate symptom of a nation being able to get drive-thru anything. :-S

I was induced, but my water broke at 36 weeks. I went the rest of the way naturally, but to me, that was medically necessary. And I think it was just fine.

I'm looking forward to this documentary: pregnantinamerica.com
It outlines a lot of problems inherent in the baby industry.
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