Wearing the "baby"

After getting some inspiration from wearyourbaby.com, I starting playing around with various large pieces of fabric in our house to create a makeshift sling carrier for the baby. I'll likely get a big piece of fabric that I can wrap around myself (or Jack) in various ways as Kent gets bigger, since he'll only last in the Bjorn until he's 22 pounds or so, but I wanted to see what it was like to make a sling out of something lying around. Celia was my test subject when I was home by myself, and she fit very well when I made a sling from one of my sarongs. When Jack got home, I tried out another piece of fabric on him, and Patti became the new Kent proxy. Our cats are such good sports. You can just see the excitement on her face, can't you?

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Hola! I know you are trying to make one of something you already have but check out hotslings.com. They are a little expensive but you can get could deals on them on eBay. Happy babywearing! :) Heather
Ok so clearly I should have proofread....I meant make one out of something you already have. You can get GOOD deals on eBay. There ya go---Mommy brain--sheesh.
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