Belly button!

Kent's umbilical cord stump just fell off last night, so he now has an adorable, albeit slightly reddish and not-quite-healed, belly button. We (especially I) had been very eager for the stump to go away, and when it fell off and out of the leg of his onesie as I was putting him to bed last night, I wasn't sad. We didn't keep it. It's kind of gross and black and shriveled up, not exactly the kind of thing I want to put in his keepsake box (though I know lots of people do save them... I'm just not that sentimental about biomatter).

Anyway, we can start putting him in the tub soon instead of sponge-bathing him, and we don't have to keep folding down his diapers. That second thing is a relief, because we had much leakage out the top of his Pampers when he was lying down and were having to change his clothes several times a night for a while there. I thought we'd finally be able to use our Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers today, which came up way too far over his belly button before and, because they snap at the top, couldn't be folded down. However, I put one on him this morning, and it was huge on him. It was so poofy that he looked very much like an eggplant with legs. The lower weight limit is 7 pounds, which is just about where he is right now (he was already 6 lbs 14 oz at his one-and-a-half-week pediatrician visit), but he's so darn skinny that the leg openings have a lot of room to spare. There would be poo everywhere if he wore these things now (and there almost was!). Sadly, the Fuzzi Bunz will have to wait a few more weeks for him to bulk up. I'm not wild about continuing to buy Pampers until the cloth diapers fit, but I'm not interested in buying their preemie size, which he'd only be using for a very short while. We're in diaper limbo. So it goes.

Okay, I have a rooting newborn in a Bjorn, right next to his food source but unable to get at it, so I should go feed him. It was a pleasure checking in with all of you.




Yeah! Belly buttons! I can't wait to come see you all!
OK, the mental image of Kent with low-rise diapers is hilarious! :-) As is the description of an eggplant with legs - you should post a photo of him in the too-big diaper (even if you do it over a Pampers)! I think that would be too cute.
Even once the diapers fit well, he may still look like an eggplant with legs. I think Emily is similar to a Weeble when she is wearing cloth diapers because she looks so bottom heavy. I think it isn't as bad on older kids, but small babies look funny with their big, swaddled bottoms.
Your dad often said that you had a lovely pear-shaped figure (with a diaper). ;-)
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