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Courtesy of Grandpa Ron, who always takes cool pictures, here are some photos of Kent. He just took more of Jack with Kent and some of the three of us tonight, so those should be posted soon, whenever he can upload them from his camera. Happy sighs. What a cute little boy.

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Cutie pie!!! Makes me want to have another one. :) -Heather
such grown up expressions on his face!
He sure hasn't lost any of his hair!!!
LOL, Barb is right about the hair. He's adorable! (BTW, I love the "yer" in the title - I can just hear it being announced, "get yer daily photo fix, only 25 cents! Photos, get yer photos!")
Less than a month till I get to meet Mr. Kent! (And of course see his fabulous parents too! ;-) ) He looks like he's got so much personality in those photos!
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