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Kent had a big day on Saturday. He'd been on a few outings, but never an extended tour of the city to run errands, so we weren't quite sure how he'd do being out for so long. He did great, catching naps and eating lunch at the same restaurant we ate lunch. It's nice to have a portable baby.

First, we went to our local voting place to vote for a couple of property tax things to help fund education in the parish, so Kent, in the Bjorn, went with me into the booth and learned about the democratic process. I think he's already developing a sense of civic responsibility.

Next, we went to a local bookstore and picked up our preordered copy of HP7, which I then immediately started reading aloud in the car. Jack and I decided that, like Jeannette and Chris, we'd read the book aloud to each other this time, rather than taking turns reading it to ourselves. This way, Kent also gets to experience it, although by starting him with the last book first, we may be doing irreparable damage to his schema of Harry Potter. Probably not. =)

After getting our book, we went to McAlister's Deli for lunch, which we discovered is an excellent place to bring a baby. It's quiet, they have high chairs to flip upside-down so that we can stow him in his infant carrier next to the table, and they have lots of partitions, so it was easy to breastfeed without feeling like I was showing boob to everyone in the restaurant. I'm fine with breastfeeding in public, but I still like to be sensitive to other people, so a small amount of privacy is a good thing.

The last stop on our tour was a grocery run at SuperTarget. Jack had Kent in the Bjorn, and when he realized he needed to use the bathroom, he took Kent in with him rather than hand him off. This was Kent's first lesson about peeing while standing, which should come in handy in a few years. Expose them to things early, I say. =) It was pretty funny to imagine the looks Jack might have gotten in the bathroom with a baby strapped to him, but hey, it worked out.

After we had gotten everything on our list at Target and checked out, we were about to head out to the parking lot when I realized that we needed to get diapers. Again. This is an entirely new way of thinking for us, and we're not quite used to it. Anyway, Jack headed out to the car with the baby and the groceries, and I went back in to buy more diapers. I'll be so excited when his little legs get big enough for the Fuzzi Bunz!

Jack's dad is here, bonding with the grandson he couldn't wait until August to meet. He drove down from Virginia on his motorcycle and is heading to Ohio for a motorcycle hangout thing in a few days (Louisiana is on the way from Virginia to Ohio, right?). It's great to have him here, and he's taken a ton of pictures already on his digital camera, so perhaps we'll post some of those soon. I promise, we have many photos already; we just haven't had the time to upload all of them to Webshots. Sometime.

We're almost halfway through HP7 now, but that was the result of reading throughout the day yesterday, and since Jack has a real job and his dad is also here for a few days, I think it'll be a while before we finish it. I've zipped through the other books so fast that it's kind of strange to be taking our time with this one, but circumstances change, and we adapt with them.

It's a great read so far, and I think Kent has been enjoying it, too! Hopefully the rest of the book will satisfy all of us. It'll be quite sad to finish it and know that there are no more new books, at least until somebody else buys the franchise and writes a lot of stupid spin-off stories.

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Wow! You guys really are using the heck out of the Bjorn. I guess it truly was a good purchase! I'm thrilled to read that Kent has become a part of your normal life so quickly. It's important you keep on and he will adapt to your ways too.
I, also, have a copy of the new HP book. However, my read will be a bit slower than yours, so Puhleeeeze don't make any spoiler comments about the book on your blog for a while. Or at least label it "Harry Potter Spoiler". I'm estimating a couple weeks over here. Like you, I used to read things in a couple of days. That has drastically changed.
Wow, that is quite the outing for a not-even-3-week-old, I'm impressed! He's learning so many things - voting, how adults avoid diapers, picking good produce at the grocery store, etc. Quite the educated newborn! I have about 1/4 of HP left and I'm loving it. I am also dreading finishing it though. (I call that the "sense of loss" when a good book or TV series ends.) Hope you have fun with Jack's dad! Too bad Kent is too young for the sidecar just yet. ;-)
Sounds like quite the adventure for young Kent! Anilia just finished HP7 and now she''s patiently waiting for me to finish it so we can talk about it. Can't wait to see you all soon.
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