Meet Kent!

We're just back from the hospital today. Here are a few photos to get you started meeting our new son. Once we've caught up on sleep a bit I am sure we will write more. That may mean never, but somehow I think we'll manage to let you all know about the whole experience.





Hooray! Welcome to the world, Baby Kent! He is so cute. I am impressed by all the hair! :) Congratulations--you'll both be great parents! -Heather (and Casey and John!)
He's so adorable!!!
Yay! Congratulations!!
Enjoy your baby-moon (like a honeymoon with your baby). Can't wait to hear all the details.
I'm so happy for you.
Woohooooo, way to go Mom and Dad! grandma a
He's SO cute!! I love all that hair! (He must take after E's "purty hair," as Mr. Green always said, LOL). Congratulations! I too look forward to hearing more about the past couple days. Enjoy, and update when you can!
Yeah! Hello Kent! Hugs for all.
I'm so thrilled for you! What a beautiful baby! --Katherine
:/ Hmmmm, I posted in Jack's blog before finding yours so....
Congratulations!!! A second time :) I'm so happy for you, Kent is adorable.
He's gorgeous! Congrats again, welcome to the world and two parents who love you very much lil' Kent. :-D Hugs to you all.
He's so tiny!! And already a little charmer, especially with all that hair of his. Congrats to you!! Welcome little Kent! You are going to be one spoiled little kid. =P
Congratulations to you both!!! So glad Mom and Baby Kent are both doing well.
He is so beautiful and a head full of dark hair to boot!!!
Give each other lots of love.
The Zortmans
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