I'm in early labor! We started timing my contractions about 24 hours ago, Sunday night around 7ish, and things have been pretty slow going since then. We both got some sleep last night, though not as much as either of us would have gotten on a regular night. Good practice for the next few years, eh?

I want to labor at home as long as possible, so there's no rush to get to the hospital, especially since the contractions aren't that strong or close together (8 to 10 minutes at this point), and my water hasn't broken. I'm having lower back pain and some moderate pelvic pressure, so my Lamaze breathing has been useful for some of the stronger contractions. Jack stayed home from work to be with me, which has been really nice, even though it'll be a vacation day he won't get to take after the baby gets here. It's okay. I had a lunch date with Jennifer today, so since Jack stayed home with me, I called her before we came and asked if Jack could come too and if it would freak her out too much to go to a restaurant even though I was having contractions. She's now referring to me as her "insane friend". After lunch, we went to the mall to walk around (hello, A/C!), and we ran into some other friends, who also probably think I'm insane. But in a good way. =)

This is kind of a weird experience, knowing I'm in labor but that I still have a lot of time ahead of me before it picks up. We're about to find some dinner, and then I think I'll attempt sleep again. My best guess is that Kent will come sometime tomorrow morning or afternoon, but who knows with babies?

P.S. Ask Jack about his "Erica's Labor" spreadsheet. It has formulas and shading and macros and everything. It's hilarious. It makes me want to do a parody video of "When Animals Attack!" called "When Actuaries Have Babies!"

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oooooooo, we're holding our breaths, but breathing inbetween. Keep up the Lamaze, and remember Jack, when Erica is really crabby with you it means the baby is just a few minutes of saying hellow to your world! Love Mom A.
Horray! I literally laughed out loud at your description of "When Actuaries Have Babies!" That is great, I LOVE the labor spreadsheet (coming from someone who has maintained a coupon savings spreadsheet for 2 years in a row). :-) I'll be thinking of you two...or really, THREE!
What better way to put my skills to use in our current situation than to develop a spreadsheet? Erica also neglected to mention my handy graph of time between contractions!
That's awesome! The birthing center staff would be blown away - are you going to bring it in? Did I tell you guys about the figure that Steve's advisor drew on our wedding guest book frame? It was a graph of happiness (on the y-axis) by time (on the x-axis), increasing. Sweet, and so very typical of him. In their thank-you note, Steve wrote, "it expressed a complex idea succinctly, exactly what a figure should do!" :-)
Whine, whine. You were a WEEK late. (Of course, you already know this, but most of your other readers don't.) But I'm glad that you apparently won't have to wait that long, and that you 3 will have a bit of time together at home before I arrive on the 11th.
Love, Mom
I almost don't want to go to work today I am so excited. I guess you will beat Morgan to the "Who will start the 2007 family growth first?". (Not everyone can add to their immediate family: 2 babies and 3 spouses in 1 calendar year) I agree your Actuary comment cracked me up. Good luck! Keep breathing! I hope I get to have my baby near my due date this time around, not that I'm jealous...6 days late is not stressful. Hang in there! Go Kent! Hurry up - just not in the car, please!
Oh, how exciting! I can't wait to see baby Kent- I am very impressed with your calm!
Yippee! Kent is on the way!! Don is drooling over the spreadsheets...hahaha. Maybe you guys should include that in the baby book? =P Good luck, keep breathing and we're thinking of you!!
Yea! You go out to eat! I went out to eat Italian with my family the same night I went to the hospital with Ben. Keep us updated.
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