I dreamt in French last night for the first time in years. I don't remember what it was about; I only remembered that I spoke French in it when I turned on the XM radio to Air Musique (a French pop station) this morning. I think the last French dream I had was shortly after I returned from Nice in college.

I've had fun speaking French to Kent when I think about it. Sometimes when we're driving around, I'll explain things to him in French, though it takes me so long to recall the vocabulary that we're usually long past whatever it is by the time I get around to telling him about it. Hearing the language is more important for him than associating it with anything in particular at this point, I think. But maybe when he's around his GranDebbie, she'll spoil him by speaking better French than his lame mom. =)

I love rolling French words around in my mouth. Papillon. Clignancourt. Cerise. Mmm.

It's as good as coffee.

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I remember the first time I dreamed in French--I think I was a third year French student in high school. I had a few more afterward, but they are currently non-existent as my speaking knowledge has gone down the tubes. It's a beautiful language though, Kent is lucky to have a mom that lets him experience it so early on.
It's been a while for me, as well. The last dream I had in French was probably in college. There was an earthquake while I was ordering gateau chocolate from some lady behind a counter. It is interesting when that happens.
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