Kent: 8 weeks

More photos:

Here we see a post-bath Kent in his red Fuzzi Bunz diaper. It's my favorite one. This is the closest thing to a smile we could capture in this particular series of photos, but it's halfway between a smile and an excited yell. His hands are so excited that they came out a little blurry in the picture. You can also see how fluffy his hair is after a bath — it dries straight, but it's very curly when it's still wet. Pretty funny.

This is a great outfit that Kent got from Tucker and Don, and he wore it last night to a church get-together at a local Chinese place. It's the first time he's worn pants for any length of time, since it's so hot here that he's quite comfy in just a onesie most of the time. I thought he was so cute in his little overalls that I had to take a couple of pictures. And then he yawned.

You'll notice in both of these photos that he's working on his neck muscles; he definitely can't sit up on his own yet, but he can at least stay put without slumping over too much if we lean him up against something. For now, he stays where we put him. That won't last much longer (she said, with a mix of eagerness and trepidation).




Soooo cute! Kent is really starting to show some personality in his facial expressions now. Or at least, that I can tell in pictures! And is he mighty cute in those overalls if I do say so myself...LOL
I must see him in person soon!
What an adorable little man! I love that he's shaking his fists so fast they are blurry. :-) Hope you are having fun with Nicole's visit!
I love the fuzzy bunz picture as well. He looks so happy. And cute. Starting to get older.
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