Kent naps, grows, and gets a wet head

I'm currently eating a banana AND typing on the computer, which can only mean one thing: Kent is napping. Well, technically, it could also mean that Jack is home, but he's not, and my Boy Who Doesn't Like to Nap is napping. Huzzah!

Our adorable squiggly is growing so fast that he's already outgrown his smallest onesies, the few things that actually came close to fitting him when he was born. I will particularly miss his dino onesies that Matt and Steph brought him at the hospital. They were absolutely adorable on him. But time marches on, and cuter outfits await (mostly involving overalls).

He's been cruising along the 25th percentile curve on the weight chart and the 50th percentile on height, so he's right where he should be based on how much he weighed at birth. It's a relief to know that he's eating the right amount, since I have no way of measuring his intake and since I get nervous when he seems to spit up after every meal some days. Anyway, he's growing just right, and his adorable little legs and arms are getting just the right amount of baby chub on them. =)

He's been smiling at us for a few weeks now, and just this past weekend, when our families were here for Kent's baptism (see pictures at his web site), he seemed to explode into this whole new realm of gurgles and blurps. He's quite the little talker now. I love trying to imitate his noises back at him to have a sort of conversation, but I'm nowhere near as cute as he is when I try to make the same sounds. He has bested me at that. But hey, he can't change his own diaper, so it evens out.

By the way, the baptism was beautiful. I got pretty emotional standing up in front of our congregation with our squiggly in Ellis's Pooh outfit (which Ellis also wore for his baptism!), feeling so much love from our church and from our families. And Kent got presents: a baptism book and other commemorative stuff from the church, a lamb wrist rattle that says "Jesus Loves Me" from some friends of ours who have a grown son named Kent, and a gorgeous engraved photo album and silver set from Grandma and Grandpa A. (He also got a swing from GranDebbie, which had nothing to do with his baptism but which was more a gift for me, to give my arms a break on the days when Kent is at his most fretty.) Having our families in town for several days was such a neat thing, everyone passing the baby around, telling him how cute he is and telling us what a great job we're doing.

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I love his website! My favorite picture is the one of him in the tie-dyed shirt. Absolutely adorable. I'm so envious that Nicole gets to come see y'all soon and I have to wait until November to meet him (love the name squiggly too)!
We had such a great time visiting for the baptism. Thanks for letting us invade your home and for all the great food!
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