Our baby is already a geek

Thanks to Grandpa Ron, who secured kentangert.com a few days before Kent was born, our son already has his own domain. Jack has been hard at work putting up pictures, with more to come and videos to be posted as well. It looks pretty slick. Ron in particular has taken amazing pictures, so it's definitely worth a look and a bookmark in your web browser.




Wow!! How precious!! I loved seeing the pics of Kent!! So sweet. So much personality in that little face. It was fun seeing him in Ellis's old baby gym, and was he wearing E's winnie-the-pooh outfit for his baptism!? That's what E wore for his!!! :-D Awww. what a treat for this Sunday evening. *babies*
Yeah! I got to see him model the onesie with the giraffe on the butt! Very cute, all of them. He's starting to show some more personality. I can't wait to get all the boys together.
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