Kent had his first pool day on Saturday. He was not a fan. I think it was because the water felt so much colder than the air that it just surprised him. Oh well. He'll like it when he gets older, I suspect.

We're cat sitting for our friends, who live in an apartment with a very nice pool (complete with fountains and bubbly jets in one section), so I asked Jack if he could hang out with Kent while I got a little bit of sun and pool time. I haven't really been out in the sun all summer and have been missing Nicole's pool, mostly because of all the fun times but also because pools are AWESOME in super-hot weather like what we're having, so I was happy to get the chance to relax a little. According to weather.com, it was 104 here that day, and it's been almost that hot for several days since. Holy moly. At least the humidity is low, which is pretty rare around here. It's way too hot to keep Kent outside, but we did put a clean diaper on him and sat him in the pool for just a minute to see how he did.

Jack swam around for a few minutes, enjoying the relief from the heat, and then he and Kent sat in the shade and caught a breeze while I swam. They went inside, and the little one took a nap while Jack played on their PS2 and I got a little bit of sun — it was for less than an hour, but it was wonderful. When it gets cooler, Kent and I may invite ourselves over during the day sometimes.

I love the simplicity of floating in a pool in the sunshine. I can't wait to teach Kent how to float.




Aww- he looks like a little frog on Jack. Cuteness, and yeah for pools!
Are you wearing a two piece bathing suit? Gracious Woman! My stomach was still in hiding from the Ben experience when I got pregnant the second time. I don't think anyone will ever see it again....
Ditto on the frog thing. He always looks like he's climbing Jack's torso. I call him Gecko when he's in that position.

Yes, it's a two-piece, but all of my stretch marks are cleverly hidden by the fact that the bathing-suit bottoms are boyshorts. And I didn't know anyone at the pool, so I sort of didn't care about showing those anyway. I'm currently looking for a one-piece, but my need to swim that day outweighed my modesty. =)
Yay for Kent's first pool experience! I can't wait for him to test out the Heller pool! =)
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