Today's two new things

Kent smiled at himself in the mirror today. He was really excited to see me in the mirror, and then he saw what Jack and I call "his brother Flo" (like the fish in Finding Nemo) and was even more excited. He's got the cutest big grin when he recognizes us, and he looked just as happy to see that other baby in the mirror. We got him a crib mirror over the weekend, and he's already started having fun with it as well.

I didn't personally witness the other thing, but Jack informed me that while he was changing Kent's diaper this evening, Kent grabbed his own butt. Uh... good for him.




hhehehehe- Just like Angert- grabbing butt! That is cool that he got seemed to recognize the people in the mirror. We spent time looking in the big mirror in the guest room when I held him but I think he was only interested in the movement and shapes, not seeing it as an other person.
Cute! I love the pouty face post too - Steve's parents have a picture of him pouting (maybe around 1 yr?) and his bottle is on the floor spilling out. Don't cry over spilled milk - quite literally!
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