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Lest you think I've forgotten about all things Non-Baby, I have devoted a bit of time lately to thinking about food as well. Two new food experiences of this past week have been the following:
  1. Vietnamese spring rolls with our friends Nikki and John. They brought over shrimp, tofu, many chopped vegetables, and an awesome peanut sauce that Nikki whipped up, and we each rolled our own spring rolls in rice paper wrappers right there at the table. It was such a fun night! I'm not sure how many I ate; I lost count at five. Not only were they excellent and new to us, they were also a very Kent-friendly food. Since they were already cold, it didn't matter if stuff sat around for a while for one of us to hold Kent. (He likes to be held and has very little patience for our putting him down for longer than a few minutes, so Jack and I are slowly mastering the art of Tag-Team Eating.)
  2. With apologies to my vegetarian readers: my first attempt at cooking jambalaya, which made today's lunch. I'm not sure if it really counts, since I made it from a box, but I did add some real Cajun Andouille sausage (pronounced "ahn-DOO-ee"). Incidentally, this was also my first experience removing sausage from a casing. Yum. The sausage was VERY spicy, but oh-so-tasty and very authentic Louisiana cuisine. The rest of it is now in my freezer, patiently awaiting another foray into Cajun cooking. Not sure when that'll be, but there had better be several glasses of water close at hand.

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The thai spring rolls sound delicious! I've gotten something similar at Thai restaurants (fresh instead of fried) and they put yummy basil and/or mint in it, which was delicious. As for jambalaya, it sounds yummy except for the sausage for me, of course. Steve frequently takes it out of the casing when he cooks it. Believe it or not, I can stand being in the kitchen when he does it! :-D It took me a while to get to that point though, and I still reserve the right to "eeew" at him, LOL.
Mmm. I used to get such yummy sausages at the Whole Foods in NOLA.
As a non-vegetarian reader, the jumbalaya sounds divine. I would come down there for that and those fried dough powdered sugar things. And of course to see you guys. :)
I'm tuning in a little late here--

But wow, the andouille sounds terrific!

I'm glad you enjoyed the dinner last week! We had such a great time too. The spring rolls were of Vietnamese origin--Thai ones (or at least authentic thai ones) are much harder for the non-Thai palate to take and comes sans peanut sauce. However, I am pretty biased toward Thai style peanut sauces and curries as opposed to Vietnamese peanut sauce, but that is probably to be expected. ;)
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