Weekend with friends

Nicole and her friend Colleen were here to visit us this weekend, and we had an excellent visit. It was pretty low-key but very fun, and it was nice to finally meet Colleen, who I've heard about but had never managed to meet before. On Saturday, we went to the mall and then out to dinner with a few of our in-town grad school friends at a yummy local Italian place. Yesterday, we had a lazy morning, and then they watched Kent for a few hours while Jack and I snuck away to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We didn't think we'd get to see it while it was still in the theaters, but Nicole insisted that we go, and since she and Colleen both babysit all the time and were happy to do it, we were happy to let them. It was the first time we had left Kent alone for a real outing, not counting the time we left him with Jack's parents for a little while when we were taking care of Jennifer and Rob's cats. I had a harder time with it at first than I thought I would, and I was definitely ready to see my boy again when we were driving home. I totally trust Nicole and Colleen, but I was still really nervous and kept telling them random stuff about him before we left. Oh, well. This is what new parents do, right? Anyway, it was a great movie, and we enjoyed getting a chance to leave the house for a date. Since it was the first movie theater trip we'd taken in a while and probably the last for quite some time, we decided to go all out with popcorn, Coke, and Milk Duds. Yum.

This morning, we went to a beignet place in town that we never knew existed until John told us about it on Saturday night. Beignets, sort of like a cross between a funnel cake and a doughnut, have been made famous by Café du Monde in New Orleans, but there are great beignet places all over the state. It's a must-go-to locale for any people who come visit us from now on, for those who are planning a trip to the Bayou. I hope you like beignets — you will by the time you leave, anyway. It was great, and really packed for the Labor Day holiday.

We also went to campus to see Mike VI, the newest tiger mascot, since Mike V passed away this summer and his replacement just arrived last week. Mike VI was relaxing in the shade (and who could blame him??), so we didn't get a very good view, but we saw some paws and a raised head periodically, and it was a fun thing to do anyway. We never thought about visiting the previous Mike the Tiger, but I'm glad we finally got around to seeing the habitat and paying homage to the mascot. Cool tiger.

What a fun weekend. More people should visit. Hint.

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I must agree... it was a nice, low key way to spend Labor Day, meet Kent & finally see where Jack & Erica have been living for quite some time. ;-) Kent is even more adorable in person than the photos show, and he was quite fun to make noises at and talk baby talk to all weekend. And I say that even tho he spit up on me just before we left!! hahah.

Erica & Jack are great hosts, so take Erica's hint & go visit them! Just go when it's a little cooler!

I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to leave Kent with us, E. You've got the mommy thing down pat, just the right amount of random instructions. ;-) It meant a lot that you let us non family, non parental people be in charge of him for a few hours, enough for you to enjoy some alone time!
Sounds like a great weekend! I think it is so sweet that Nicole was one of the first people to watch him - who better than a friend you've had for almost half of your life who does tons of babysitting? The beignets sound delicious, it's too bad you hadn't discovered it when we were there in May. Next time though!
I see you want more people to visit. We'll come. Where shall we all sleep? HA!
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