Wherein Kent gets stuck by big pointy things

Ah, the two-month checkup. Kent is doing great except for some patches of eczema on his elbows, which we had thought were heat rash, but apparently they aren't. We have cream to put on him twice a day, and we're going to try putting a thin blanket between him and his car seat, since I suspect that's what's irritating his skin. Hopefully it'll clear up, but in the mean time, it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

The rest of the visit was pretty smooth — our pediatrician and her staff are so good with him, and he was very patient while we waited to see her and then waited for the nurse to come back in after the doctor left. Then, however, came the trauma. One oral vaccine and three needle sticks. After the first needle stick, it took him a couple of seconds to react, and in those couple of seconds, I thought, "Hey, maybe he's going to be fine!" Ha. Once he got going, he really got going. His face turned a lovely shade of fuchsia, and he screamed for all he was worth. Then came the other two needle sticks. I cried a little bit with him, but not as much as I had thought I might. I told the nurse, "Believe it or not, I've heard worse," but it was pretty close to the most upset he's ever been (though I wasn't around for his circumcision, so I can't speak to that). After it was over, he got two super-cool Taz band-aids on his thighs, and he was pretty calm when I picked him up. I nursed him for a little while in the room, and the relief on his face was palpable. We sat there nursing for about ten minutes while I read him a story from Jack & Jill magazine about a boy who goes to camp for the first time, and then he fell asleep in the car on the way home. I nursed him some more to give him a nice full belly and have just put him down for what must be a very welcomed nap.

He cracks me up with his battle-scarred legs covered up by Taz band-aids.

I don't know what I'd do without nursing. It's the best way to comfort him EVER.




Poor little man! he gets that skin thing from the our side- sorry...
hugs for all-
Poor little buddy! Nursing is so handy for so many reasons! Just an FYI, the 2 month shots merited the worst reactions from John. Don't be alarmed if Kent has a low fever and sleeps a lot tomorrow.--Heather
You know, they can space out the vaxes if you ask. E never got more than 2 at a time, and he never had a bad reaction. I don't know if there was a correlation, but I think it helped.

Poor baby. :(
Poor little guy! :-( It sounds like he bounced right back, thankfully. I hope all the kisses & cuddling he is getting make up for the needle sticks!
I'm guessing the oral vaccine was the rotovirus one. I'm glad they do that now because when Anna was a baby they didn't, and our family got struck with the virus. I was violently ill first, then Brad and Anna got sick (Ben escaped somehow). We both rallied ourselves together and took Anna to the pediatrician. While there, the Dr. had to send Brad to another room to lie down because the Dr was afraid he was in eminent danger of being thrown up on.
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