Day trippers

We had a relaxing day trip yesterday up to Feliciana Retreat Center for our church's family retreat. Most people stayed Friday and Saturday nights, but we decided just to drive up for the day, since it's only about an hour from Baton Rouge. It was a nice, small group and such a mellow day. We took walks under the giant pine trees, closing our eyes and gritting our teeth when we walked under the high spider webs made by larger spiders than I care to think about. We moseyed down to the lake with a few families, and they babysat Kent collectively while Jack and I went out in a canoe for about fifteen minutes. I absolutely love canoeing, especially in the sun on a calm lake in the afternoon. They all passed around Kent and took turns making him laugh. Apparently, while we were out, one of the boys who's about ten years old, who keeps reminding us that he's very interested in babysitting at some point, was holding Kent above his head when Kent giggled and then spit up all over him. I hope he thought it was funny. We always think it is, but we're his parents.

After canoeing, we sat around the dying campfire that ironically kept being stoked and resuscitated by the kids. Kent ate for about 45 minutes, because he had been too distracted by all the fun earlier in the day to eat for very long. We then put him on a blanket and tickled him for a while, visiting with the other adults who were mostly reading or napping while the kids ran amok. Since our church friends know each other so well, there's always someone looking after the kids — it's such an intimate group of people, and we just love them.

The best part, to me, was that Kent got to be outside all day long, breathing the fresh air and hearing the sounds of the trees rustling and the birds singing. There hasn't been much of that so far in his short life, and he ate it up. We weren't adventurous enough to plan to stay the night in a cabin, but we'll have to take him camping at some point. It was too fun.

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