Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, Kent and I picked up a pizza and then took Jack on a picnic in the park near his office. When I was taking pictures of Kent in his pumpkin costume, a random jogger asked if we wanted her to take a picture of all three of us, so we let her. In the upper left corner, you can see Jack's building, and then, well, the three of us.

Here's a closeup of my two boys. Kent rather enjoyed chewing on his costume. Note in particular Jack's costume, though. He usually just wears a button-down shirt and dress pants to work — people make fun of him when he wears a tie — but since they told the people at his office that they could "dress up" for Halloween, he wore a suit and tie to be funny.

Since it's about 80 degrees today and too hot for little boys to wear polyester pumpkins all day, Kent's daytime outfit is an orange striped onesie and the candy corn hat that I finished for him late last night, just in the nick of time. He's all of four months old, and I've already stayed up late to finish making his Halloween costume. Well, his hat, anyway. It works for fall in general, so he's likely to be sporting it at Thanksgiving as well before he outgrows it.

Tonight, we await the trick-or-treaters. Someone (Jack) got a little overzealous handing out the candy last year, so we ran out of candy and had to hide in the bedroom with the lights out. Good times. We've had a talk about it to prevent this from happening again.

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That must be the cutest pumpkin in Baton Rouge! What a thoughtful thing to do for lunch. I like Jack's costume also.
Oh my gosh the pumpkin outfit is too cute! Did you make that or buy it? The candy corn hat is great too. (Oh, by the way, I am interested in learning to crochet, so I'd love some starter tips when I see you in a few weeks!) I hope you don't have to hide from trick-or-treaters tonight! We don't have any since we're in a tall apartment building, but it was fun to get trick-or-treaters when I lived in the house in State College a few years ago.
So now we know how Kent came to be. Ran out of candy... suuuuuure. Another $5 bag of candy and Kent wouldn't be here. heh heh
The hat is adorable! Baby things are so much fun to knit and crochet. :)
The pumpkin costume, like SO many things we have, is on loan from Ellis. =) And I used to know how to crochet (like when I was 7), but I don't really remember anymore. I can get you started on knitting, but for crocheting, you should ask Nicole!
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