I heard this brilliant commentary on public radio's Marketplace yesterday afternoon. It speculates about the effects of Starbucks' new plan to market to kids and teens, which scares me a little. The commentator asserts that perhaps they should change their name to JitteryTeenBucks.

Of course, part of what worries this particular commentator is that teenagers will take over the coffeehouse and turn it into something it's not... but I'd remind him that there's always the option of visiting a local business over a national chain, which I try to do whenever possible. They hardly ever market to anyone, and yet they somehow sustain themselves... or at least the good ones do. Starbucks has consistently good coffee (strong, how I like it!), but the atmosphere can sort of suck when compared to local places like my fave Highland Coffees, which roasts its own beans on site and has big burlap sacks of beans casually piled outside the roasting room (you wouldn't believe how good it smells). It also has its walls covered with the photographs and paintings of local artists, and they play whatever music they want, instead of whatever CD they're trying to sell to their customers. I'm not really trying to bash Starbucks. It's just coming out that way.

Anyway, the commentators on public radio are some of the most informed, thoughtful, and witty journalists around. I just love them. Make the time to listen to this if you're even a little bit of a coffeehouse person.

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I'll be at Starbucks tomorrow since my Wednesday job starts up again (umm, I don't work there, but I sneak in a trip whenever I'm kid free). Any drink recommendations? I can take it strong, or go for fru fru drinks.
Interesting commentary. I love NPR!
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