Kent bundles up

With the change in temperature down to highs in the 60s this week, a change of wardrobe has become necessary for our little boy. No longer comfortable in just a onesie and a diaper, Kent now feels compelled to stay warm with more clothing.

Because it was cooler yesterday, I thought, "Hey, we can finally go outside!" We've completely missed the Just Right weather, though, and gone straight from Too Hot to Too Chilly. We went to our neighborhood playground for a little while, but it was too cold to stay for long.

It was his first time in an outdoor swing. Other than clutching the chain with his right hand the whole time, he didn't really react one way or the other. After swinging and snapping a few pics, we went to visit Jack at work instead.

Onesie and adorable corduroy pants: Ellis. Dog hat: Jack's grandparents. Chicken socks: GranDebbie.




Oh my goodness! I wanna eat your baby cause he is just that cute!!!!
Holy poooo, he's soo adorable just chillin' in the swing. He looks like he's saying "Um, what? It's just a baby relaxin' in a swing?!" Tee hee. I can't wait to see him again! He's changed so much since I visited!
Heehee! So cute!!! I can't wait to see that baby.
And who can resist a little boy in cords! gah.

and i just spent the week with some germaphobes, so i am glad to see that you let your child sit in a public swing and actually touch the chain without spazzing out

that's what germx is for
What a cute baby! I love the chicken socks. :-)
What a cute guy! He is growing so quickly!!! -Heather
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