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My cousin Lori, who's been trying to adopt a little girl from China for more than two years now, has finally gotten word that she can come pick up her four-year-old daughter in about three months. It's hard to believe that Jack and I weren't even ready to get pregnant when Lori started the adoption process. It seems almost unfair that we could have a baby so easily, when it took her so long, but agencies are very reluctant to let single women adopt. I can't express how happy I am for her, now that her dream is finally a reality. What a precious gift she's getting.




That's incredible! She must be ecstatic--even though she doesn't know us, we're still sending our thoughts and warm wishes her way. :)
That's great. Our friends are still waiting for a referral from China, and it's been about two years. In fact, they are also adopting from Viet Nam and have already been matched with their daughter there, but they only started that process about 4 months ago. China is really slow right now in general.
That's fantastic news! It is incredibly unfair that she's had to wait this long for her little girl. In a perfect world, adoption agencies would realize that a loving home is a loving home, whether the parent is single, gay, or what have you. I know they are just trying to make the best decision for the children that they can though. Congratulations & best wishes to your cousin!
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