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I'm sipping coffee, knitting, and listening to the mellow, pensive Felicity Senior Year soundtrack. (Okay, I was until a minute ago, when I decided to blog instead.) It's nice to feel clearheaded for a little while when my boy sleeps. When he made it clear at 7:30 this morning that he wasn't going back to bed, I was pretty cranky, so it's turned out to be a much lovelier morning than I had thought it would be. Plus, he's cute, so I don't mind being awake with him so much.

Kent will be three months old tomorrow, and he's growing so well. He's talking, smiling, and giggling more than ever. He's been working on rolling over for the past few weeks, arching his back and trying to swing his legs over but not quite making it yet. He's such a squirmy little cutie. The side effect of this aborted rolling over is that he ends up scooting himself around in a circle — I left him in his crib for a few minutes yesterday, and when I came back, he was in a completely different position, just staring up at me and smiling. I cracked up. What a funny kid.

He has enough neck control now that we can hold him up against us with one hand and be fairly certain that he's not going to careen suddenly off to the side, the way he used to. I've sat him in my lap a few times a day, which certainly makes typing and eating easier. I guess he'll be sitting up on his own within a month or two... pretty exciting! Then, he'll start to crawl, and no one will be safe.

We're officially going to the SMT conference in Baltimore in November, and I'm very excited but also a little apprehensive about traveling with him by myself, how things will go at the conference, etc. We're staying with Jack's sister and her husband, who've just bought a house (!), and hopefully will be taking public transportation to Inner Harbor for the conference stuff. We won't be going nonstop at the conference, because the protocol for bringing a baby into paper presentations hasn't really been explored, but I can still talk to people, visit book vendors and drool over books I can't afford, and maybe scoot into a paper from time to time if my friends will agree to watch him for a little while. My mom and her fiancé are coming down that Saturday to babysit, but they'll need to stay fairly close by for feedings and Mommy/Kent time. I was looking at the program abstracts the other day, and all three of the paper sessions that sound the coolest are on Saturday morning at the same time. Why do they do that? I can hop from session to session, and at least they're all at a time when I know I'll have child care. =) It should be a fun time, and I hope Kent will do okay on the plane. I don't really want to be that woman: the one with the screaming baby who can't help him calm down. At least there's nursing, as long as I don't get the flight attendant who made a breastfeeding mom get off the plane a couple of years ago. (Actually, I think that flight attendant learned her lesson after the woman sued the airline.)

Okay, enough about me. Some of the rest of you need to send me progress reports or update your blogs more often. =)

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i may be able to handle the kent for a bit on thursday or friday for you... I promise not to pinch him too much :)
I can help, too!! I certainly wouldn't mind SMT crashing, even I was just babysitting. ;-)
Let's talk.
I would love to update my blog, and I will, as soon as I locate some more brain cells.... Seriously- by the end of the week I should have something else to say, but right now, all my stories involve poop or throw up, and I don't think I should make those public.
Here's a progress report. We were in the Union County section of the Charlotte Observer the other day. They don't show the picture online.
Three months already! That is hilarious that he scoots himself in a circle. My labmate's little girl just started crawling, and as she was figuring it out, she would only go backwards and seemed confused about why (she couldn't quite get the hang of moving arms+legs BACK to move FORWARD). ROTFL!

I'm glad your plans are all set for SMT! I am excited about seeing you guys. Depending on how the diss is doing at that point, I may be able to come down for childcare assistance, but if not, I'll head to Lancaster to visit.
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