The Night Before Flying With Infant

This shouldn't surprise me, but MAN, do I have a lot of stuff to schlep around tomorrow. As I think back to my child-free days, I can remember taking trips like this upcoming one with just a suitcase, my purse, and perhaps a bookbag with some schoolwork (because, like, I actually had time to do schoolwork). Cut to now, when I have said suitcase and purse, plus a stroller, a huge duffel bag to take on the plane with us with most of Kent's stuff and a spare change of clothes for me, and a ginormous cardboard box in which will fly the car seat, the Boppy, and my winter coat (because it's 80 degrees in Louisiana but it's going to be 50 in Baltimore. Sheesh).

Needless to say, I'm going to need some help from Jack making it up to the ticket counter alive. Once the checked things are checked, Kent will be traveling in the sling (I'm really taking a chance here), and the duffel bag will be traveling in the stroller for most of the walking around. Kent will be sitting on my lap on the planes, hopefully nursing or happily looking around the entire time. Ha. We have a short flight from New Orleans to Houston, then a 3-hour layover in Houston, during which I will mostly likely try to get him swaddled so he can take a nap in a quiet corner (totally deluding myself here) in preparation for the 3-hour flight to Baltimore. What a day this will be.

I'm joining the rest of my family in bed now, because we're getting up at 4:30. Trying to be optimistic, trying to be optimistic...




Good luck with your travels! You will survive, I promise. I've found that strangers are very kind in these situations. See you soon!
Love, J
Good luck with everything! It's going to be a long day, but I agree with J--strangers can be very kind and understanding in these situations.
I hope it went well! Hope you had a good flight!
Gruncle Mark
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