My cousin Lori is in China and has adopted her daughter, Faith. They're there for a few more days until they get Faith's passport and such in order, but they're coming home to NC a few days after Christmas. They've known each other for something like two days now, and I can't get over how comfortable they look together already. What an amazing thing.

In other news, everything that's getting mailed for Christmas is officially in the mail. Such a relief. I still have much knitting to complete before and on our trip, but it should get done. Kent has been a real trooper these past couple of days with all our errands and other holiday preparations. I'm feeling for the first time that the holiday craziness is a little too stressful, whereas in past years, it's just been a happy kind of frenzy. I think it's the combo of baby and feeling the need to do all kinds of handmade things that I don't have time to do. It's working, though, and Jack and Kent are very forgiving.

We leave before first light on Saturday for our jaunt to the east coast. The theme word for this trip is foolhardy. We have no idea how Kent is going to do on the road for so long, but once we start, we're not turning back. I can't wait.

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How wonderful that your cousin is with her new daughter for the holidays. That was a really beautiful picture you linked to!

What are your plans for the holidays? I just know that you'll be in W-S while I'm in MN :-( but what is the whole itinerary?
What a special time for your cousin. How exciting. Are you going to be near Charlotte any time soon?
can't wait to see you guys!!! I am getting way too excited!
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